2012 July ExCom Minutes Print
Thursday, 23 August 2012 22:46

ILCA-NA Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2012

Chairman Laura Lee Symes called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm EDT.  Also in attendance were Jon Deutsch, Clay Johnson, Evan Lewis, Christine Neville and Sherri Campbell.  

1.    The minutes from June 12, 2012 were approved.

2.    Status of action items
a.    Media/website: Sherri & Jon met during the Canadian Nationals and discussed website updates to be considered.  Jon now has access to the statistical reports for the website.  Further follow up with Tracy needed to work on other pending items.  Lauralee reported that Bill Symes has updated the district map and sent it to Tracy to upload.  We may need to update the Joomla software to a newer version as our current one is older at this point.
b.    Sponsorship: Evan is working on a draft and hopes to get it to Sherri by the weekend for further review.  We’ll send it out to the ExCom after that.  
c.    AGM plan: meeting set for Thursday, July 19th after sailing at the Gorge. Sherri will send a draft agenda to Lauralee this week.

3.    Office Report
a.    The Laser Sailor: The Summer issue is at the printer and should be in the mail later this week.
b.    Finances: The reports for June 30th were sent out last week.  Nothing unusual to note.
c.    Membership: 1844 members as of 6/30. 1849 was the number as of the same date in 2011 so we’re holding steady.  Email reminders were sent in mid-June to all non-renewals since 12/31/2011.  Some activity resulted but it’s difficult to track as there was also a flurry of renewal processing due to multiple regatta registrations during that same couple of weeks.

4.    New Business
a.    ExCom election process: Sherri outlined the draft of the dates in October as required by the ILCA-NA by-laws. Nominations 10/1-10/7; Campaigns 10/9-10/15; Voting (by district secretaries) 10/16-10/18.  All current ExCom members were asked to consider standing for re-election. It was agreed that Lauralee and Sherri would draft an email to the district secretaries to go out in late August/early September reminding them of the process.  The process with complete details will also be posted to the website and social media feeds.
b.    Class communication: reminder from Lauralee that ExCom members should consider keeping comments on any of the forums to a minimum.  This also applies to the forwarding of items to the class social media. There is currently a lot of chatter on the forums about the ILCA/builder situation.  Hopefully there will be improvement on the amount of public communication on that topic after the Olympics.  

5.    Other Business
a.    Regatta Guidelines: Sherri noted that they need to be updated as the current version was done in 2007.  She will work on this and Christine will help with the editing.  Expect to have a draft to the full ExCom before the September call.    

Next call: August 14, 2012.
Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm