2010 Masters US Championship Print
Sunday, 16 May 2010 00:00

The 2010 Masters US Championship was held May 14-16 in Charleston, South Carolina. This year's event had 61 Masters racing in Standard rigs and 27 in Radials.Three days of racing in beautiful conditions are now over. After 10 races, just turned Grandmaster Peter Vessella beats Apprentice Eric Oetgen after an epic final day battle to take the overall spot. Rounding out top group in Standards are Mike Matan winning the Master division, and third overall, and Lenny Krawcheck takes the GGM's. In the Radial fleet, Great Grandmaster Peter Seidenberg shows his stern to the kids, with Master Ken Swetka taking second, Apprentice Glenn Walker taking third and Richard Leland the top Grandmaster. Check out the full results!

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