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Tuesday, 08 September 2009 02:50

The 2009 Laser Master Worlds finished on saturday after a long day on the water fruitlessly waiting for a stable breeze. In the end the conditions were not stable enough to race and, with only minutes left before the cutoff time, the Race Committee finally had to send the competitors ashore.

After 6 days on the water only the apprentice fleets (Radial and Standard) achieved 10 races and were allowed to drop two races. All other fleets sailed only 9 races and counted only one discard, a fact that meant the difference betweenn being on the podium or not for several fleets.

North America faired well in the racing. With 85 competitors, the Standard Masters was both the largest and, arguably, the most competitive and Scott Ferguson sailed a near perfect last day (friday) to easily win. In addition, fellow Newport Fleet 413 members Andy Pimental and Mark Bear made the top five. Sally Sharp won the Women Radial Grandmaster fleet, Deirdre Webster won the Women Great Grandmaster, and, of course, Peter Seidenberg continues his unbeaten streak in the Great Grandmasters, though this year was pressed a bit and, in the end, won on a countback.

In the other fleets, Bill Symes finished fifth in the Standard Grandmasters, Kim Couranz took second in the Women Radial Apprentice, Nigel Heath was fifth in Radial Master, Susie Pegel was third Women Radial Master, Alden Shattuck was fourth in the Radial Grandmaster and, finally, Lindsey Hewitt took fifth in the Great Grandmaster fleet.

Congratulations to all North American competitors in the 2009 Master Worlds for great sailing in our home region!

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