2008 Masters Canadian Championship Print
Monday, 29 September 2008 10:23

Great sailing at the 2008 Masters Canadian Championship held this past weekend at the venue for the 2009 Masters World Championship!

Dave Wells takes the Apprentice title, Al Clark the Masters, Ken Brown the Grand Master and Peter Seidenberg the Great Grand Masters. Al Clark wins overall. Full results at the St Margaret's Bay Sailing Club website , read on for the report filed by Peter Seidenberg!

Report filed by Peter Seidenberg:

Before starting the drive back home this Monday morning after having weathered the fringe effects of hurricane Kyle in the Holiday Inn in Halifax, here is a brief statistical report on the regatta.

In view of the approaching hurricane, the RC announced at the start of the regatta that they would try to get as many races in on day 1, Friday, as possible. Consequently, we had 5 races were run in light to moderate winds, increasing during the day from 4 kn in race 1 to 12 kn in race 5, always from SSW.

3 races were sailed on day 2, Saturday, again in increasing winds from 15 kn in race 6 to 20 kn in race 8, always from SSE.

Luckily for day 3, Sunday, the hurricane had slowed somewhat and backed to the West, away from Halifax, so that 2 races could be squeezed in, prize-giving held, boats packed up, and return voyages started to the first overnight stop before it got really nasty. The winds were 22-28 kn for both races from SSE.

The St. Margaret S.C.'s website with the results are attached. The top 3 finishers in each age group are as follows:

Appr. Masters:  1st - Dave Wells, CAN, 2nd - Simon Warren, CAN, 3rd - Tim VanRossem, CAN
Masters:  1st - Al Clark, CAN, 2nd - Terry Neilson, CAN, 3rd - Andy Roy, CAN
Grand Masters:  1st - Ken Brown, CAN, 2nd - John Bentley, USA, 3rd - Jorge Abreu, DOM
Great Grand Masters:  1st - Peter Seidenberg, USA, 2nd - Denys Deschambeault, CAN, 3rd - Joe VanRossem, CAN

First overall: Al Clark, CAN


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