2008 Masters North American Championship Print
Monday, 18 August 2008 18:55

Scott Young dominates Masters division and wins the overall title, Dan Falk wins Apprentice division and takes 3rd overall, Bill Symes wins Grandmaster division and Jay Winberg wins the Great Grandmasters. 40 boats make the trek to the Columbia River Gorge,  full results available at the CGRA website, pictures available on Sean Trew's website ...

Cascade Locks, in the Columbia River Gorge, is known for its reliable Summer westerly breeze, with warm sunny days, and was this year's setting for the Masters North American championship. But sometimes things turn around a bit, and, indeed, the opening day of racing saw hot weather with a nice 10-12 knot breeze from the east. This first day saw a total of four highly competitive races with the "local knowledge" effectively erased - making a level playing field for all. Defending Masters NA's Scott Young wasted no time in letting everyone know he was not planning to give up the title with a convincing win in the first race, followed by a very consistent run of 3-3-2 to finish the day solidly a top the leader board.

Day two was the first day of transition back to the famous Gorge westerlies, which meant a shore delay from the appointed 10:30 am start while we waited for the breeze to work its way down to us. About about 1:30 pm the breeze had come in and the fleet set out in a nice 8-10 knot westerly which increased to 10-12 as the day progressed. Three more races saw a bit more turnover in the top positions but also saw Scott further distance himself from the pack.

The final day dawned with the full westerly flowing through the Gorge... until about 8:30 am when a weak weather system pushed into the Portland area and shut down all the wind. The Race Committee held us on shore until it was clear a race could not start before the time limit and then abandoned for the day. And, on queue, not long after that the westerly roared back in to show all the sailors what it is "supposed" to be like.

Scott Young takes both the Master Division title and the overall with a convincing win and promises to come to Wrightsville Beach next Spring to go for the three-peat. Dan Falk wins the Apprentice division, local sailor and CGRA President Bill Symes takes the Grand Master title and Jay Winberg takes the Great Grand Master title over Mike Eichwald.

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