2007 California Masters Regatta Print
Monday, 16 April 2007 18:29
29 Masters at Mission Bay YC in San Diego.

For full results go here.

Also, PRO Scott McKay provided this write up of the racing from the RC perspective.  Thanks go to Scott, Ken Wild and Mission Bay Yacht Club!

The day started with no wind on the water at noon.  The RC went out a mile on 270 and dropped a mark at 0.8nm, but the few ruffles on the water never materialized into more than 1.5kt.  Coming back to the starting area, the RC found the wind at 140, 3 kts.  By the time we figured out what was going on, it had shifted right to 240.  We went into a sequence with no weather mark in the water – technically legal and more of which later, and started the first race at 1302.  The RC zoomed around the starboard end of the fleet and set the mark on the indicated bearing (240), and then went to the mark we had set at 270, only to find several folks thinking that was the mark.  The breeze continued to build to about 5kt, and very gradually started to go left again.  The first finishers took about a hour and crossed the line  with reasonable separation between everyone.

Race 2 was started on an axis of 210 by moving the starting area north and west, and the breeze gradually built to about 9kts.  By the last leg, however, it had banged right again, this time to 270.  Can’t win for trying.  The fleet finished the downwind leg on a starboard tack reach!

Race 3 was started in 10kts of wind from 270, looking like a good SOCAL day and gradually diminished to about 5 knots for the back half, going left again to 230 as it died.  Mercifully, everyone had enough breeze to finish, and the RC had jewelry strung out all over Mission Bay Bight to collect.  We moved more marks than we ever did stetting up traps!

On Sunday, we couldn’t get out the channel, as swells were breaking down the south side, almost all the way to the river spillway.  We raced in the Bay and, because someone had the presence of mind to request redress due to the RC’s putting the marks too close together (and the RC noting that the Jury has the authority to direct that a race be resailed), we were able to get in 4 killer races.  Race 1  started at 7kt and race 4 at 20!  Everyone had a great time, including the RC.

Ken Wild did a great job organizing things, had wonderful trophies, a really fun raffle and good food.  It was a nice weekend.




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