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Monday, 02 October 2006 11:09

The 2006 New England Masters Championship was sailed at Third Beach in Newport, RI, the weekend of September 16 and 17. 54 boats attended the event...

Had it been a cloudy weekend, the regatta would have taken place in a NE gradiant wind of 8-10 mph. But because it was sunny and warm, this wind wasn’t destined to last. As expected and is typical in and around Newport, a light sea breeze developed around noon and took over for the afternoon, both days.
On Saturday, this change-over happened during registration and skippers’ meeting and caused a postponement on shore by about 1 hour.  4 races were sailed in SW 5-6 on windward–leeward–windward courses. On Sunday, 1 race was squeezed in before the change-over  in NE 5.  A second race was abandoned shortly after the start.  After a 2-hour wait on the water, 2 more races were sailed in the new SW 5-6 sea breeze before the 3 p.m. cut-off deadline. A total of 7 races were completed.
The SW breeze was very steady and put emphasis on clear starts, boat speed, and pressure detection. Scott Ferguson (M), Ned Jones (A) and Peter Seidenberg (GGM) seemed to do it best on a consistent basis and were leading the 54-boat fleet in that order after the first day. Peter Seidenberg’s two first-place finishes in the last two races proved to be the deciding factor in winning the regatta ahead of Scott Ferguson and Ned Jones.
Results attached.

1170375Seidenberg, PeterGGM8288141151-2823.01stGGM
2172091Ferguson, ScottM2335212339-2130.01st M
3180130Jones, NedA1713OCS4273-5536.01st A
17Schaffer, PJA66518731257-1857.02nd A
5169575Bear, MarkM132648615476-2662.02nd M
6163379Milnes, ScottA91351499885-3568.03rd A
7161100Frazier, DaveGM2681920RDG5583-2674.41st GM
864314Pimental, AndyM101361231111396-3177.03rd M
9173689McClintock, MooseM3829912287105-3879.0
10180509Ferguson, KimM727216261411103-2788.01st F
1Wallace, SueM42525412921109-2992.02nd F
12178612Sharp, SallyGM331182143720125-3794.03rdF,2ndGM
13171035Kirkpatrick, SteveA154291033817116-33101.0
14187185Wright, BretM231812629723118-29101.0
173Williamson, CharleyA322927752010130-32116.0
16171178Warren, RichM16143828152314148-38122.0
17172916Rutsep, RudyM52424DNS241915166-55123.0
18162443Sewall, SydGMOCS122315112234172-55123.03rd GM
19181244Hewitt, LindsayGM274373123318161-43124.0
20170773Brangiforte, BillA1440131336266148-40126.0
21157837Ludney, RayMOCS19332631622174-55131.0
22155244244Nowakowski, MarkGM2515212383936167-39134.0
23158648DeWolf, HenryGGMOCS22411928179191-55136.02nd GGM
24170776Orkney, GaryGM21202629132426159-29136.0
25166923Colantuno, TheresaA30341111DNS2116178-55141.0
26185839Myers, JimA18172232381824169-38149.0
27152045Breder, DaveM11162830OCS3028198-55155.0
28183885Hecky, MikeMOCS37162232630198-55155.0
29157778Thornburn, HankA22393634231019183-39162.0
30184553Livingston, JayGM34422021173633203-42167.0
31162417Porter, JoanA2410301718DNFDNS209-55172.0
246Marriner, BlakeM1223312516DNSDNS217-55174.0
33170966Curtin, TomA20411433193440201-41178.0
34175520Raney, BrianA31324427301329206-44180.0
35180545Mahoney, MichaelA47214646104027237-47208.0
36167367Porter, JimA43451738203141235-45208.0
37147451Roach, StewartA41333435223837240-41217.0
388297Follansbee, PeterMOCS51524OCSDNSDNS264-55221.0
39176989Bushnell, PeterM40485039371235261-50223.0
40125088Pozefsky, MarvinGM28493744422542267-49224.0
41184540Garbero, DinoM46515137273225269-51230.0
42175862McVicker, JackM42384236353532260-42230.0
43175511Saltmarsh, BobGGM39504341404231286-50236.03rd GGM
3Kirk, TomA173010DNSDNSDNSDNS277-55240.0
45171631Mitchell, DickM35464043344138277-46243.0
46175120Grossman, PerryA291132DNSDNSDNSDNS292-55255.0
47177373Sutter, JodyA494752DNS392739308-55271.0
48160165Largess, MattM36949DNSDNSDNSDNS314-55271.0
49179922Will, PhilipGGM33DNF474041DNSDNS326-55271.0
5087848Cocker, NeilGM37364542DNSDNSDNS325-55276.0
8Barlow, BillGGM4544DNFDNS25DNFDNS334-55279.0
52177311Bentley, JohnGM19DNSDNSDNSDNSDNSDNS349-55300.0
53162038Jennings, KenM44523945DNSDNSDNS345-55302.0
54169782Gordon, ChrisA483548DNSDNSDNSDNS351-55314.0
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