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Friday, 08 September 2006 15:25

The 2006 Masters North American Championship was sailed this past weekend (September 8-10) hosted by the Milwaukee Yacht Club and with racing on Lake Michigan. Forty one competitors raced in what turned out to be a big breeze event. Results are now posted on the NA's website. The "official" writeup will appear in the Fall edition of The Laser Sailor, but you can read Peter Seidenberg's daily blog...

Friday: So far, I'm representing Fleet 413 well.  After 3 races in 20+ mph  sunny and gusty and shifty SW offshore wind, I'm in second place  behind Brodie Cobb and ahead of Tim Landt.  There are 41 competitors  of which 16 didn't start or didn't finish the last race.  The race  course was about 3 miles out in the lake.  Tough beat back in.

We had our first experience with Rule 42 suspension in all 3 races,  and everybody loved it, especially I.  It's a joy to pump more than  once per wave!

Saturday: It blew again today, just as much as yesterday, only from a different  direction.  The 20+ NE wind on the back of a cold front that had come  through during the night had churned up the lake so that the RC  decided this morning to race us inside the breakwater.  They tired us  out with 5 races on wwd - lwd twice around courses with wwd finishes,  just like yesterday.  We've had 8 of the scheduled 10 races so far.   They want to take us out into the lake tomorrow for 2 more races.

Brodie Cobb is walking away with the regatta with 8 bullets so far.   He's in a class of his own sailing usually way out in front.  The Q  flag was up all day.  Against my better judgement, I sailed Standard  today, just like yesterday.  I thought the flatter water inside the  breakwater would be better for a Standard sail, but Radial sailor  James Liebel, who missed yesterday's sailing because of airline  problems, demonstrated that in this kind of wind the Radial is better  for a light (and old) guy like me.  He beat me in 4 of the 5 races.   There were 5 Radials out today, two more than yesterday.  Anyway, I  had a pretty good day with finishes in the top 7 and remain in 2nd  place overall.

Sunday: Well, the NA Masters is history.  We had, as planned, 2 races today,  for a total of 10.  The wind had veered overnight to the East and was  blowing at 15 mph.  The waves on the lake were huge.  They were  breaking over the seawall.  The RC boat couldn't go trough the gap.   So the RC decided to race us inside again.  The easterly created a  space problem, though, and because there was only enough room for a  1/2 mile beat, the number of "sausages" was increased from 2 to 3.    The unobstructed wind from the lake and the breaking waves over the  seawall made the wind appear much stronger than it really was and  made a few more sailors, including me, switch rigs from Standard to  Radial.  It fact, it was lighter than on the previous two days.  Yet,  I felt that the Radial was totally competitive in these conditions.   The Q flag was up in both races.

Brodie Cobb had another bullet in the first race, his ninth, and  sailed in for the second.  I had my worst result of the regatta in  the first race because I kept sailing towards the seawall towards  flatter water but also, unbeknown to me, lighter wind as it got  lifted by the seawall.  I didn't repeat that mistake for the second  race and had my best finish in the regatta.

Peter Seidenberg

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