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2011 November ExCom Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 January 2012 21:59

ILCA-NA Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2011

Chairman Tracy Usher called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm EST.  Also in attendance were Eric Faust, Evan Lewis, Lauralee Symes and Sherri Campbell. Clay Johnson and Jerelyn Biehl were unable to attend.

1.    The minutes from October 11, 2011 were approved as circulated.

2.     Action Items
a.    Laser Performance contract: no change. Sherri noted that LP has agreed to provide the Grand Prix prizes for 2011.  They agree to ship all items to the class office in December for distribution upon finalization of the GP for 2011.

3.    Office Report
a.    The Laser Sailor: Next issue is the winter issue due in early December.
b.    Finances:  nothing usual for October. The proposed 9/30/12 budget was reviewed.  Sherri will check with Jerelyn regarding the current situation with FloCast and the Laser Media site.  We may discontinue that at $100/month.  Sherri will also look into the Google ad profile to maximize our coverage. The budget as submitted was approved.  It was noted that Clay Johnson as treasurer had already approved the budget.
c.    Membership: 2072 as of 10/31/11.  Renewal notices are being sent out for those expiring as of 12/31/11.

4.    Proposal from Richmond Yacht Club for Laser MWW for 2014. Approved.

5.    World Council meeting November 5-6 summary by Tracy Usher:  The two main items at the meeting were results of the vote on the change in the fundamental rule and the structure of the ILCA office. Other items were addressed as time allowed:
a.    The vote on the rule change was finalized by ILCA.  90% of the 1,200 votes received were in favor of the rule change.  The rule change has now been sent to ISAF for action.
b.    Discussion regarding division of office labor between the ILCA and European region workload and expenses.  Several staff members are only part time and only the highest priority items are being addressed.  A general manager will be hired to oversee the championships and various administrative tasks.  It is hoped to have this person in place by Feb. 1, 2012.  
c.    Due to the discussions regarding the office structure, the presented budget for 2012 was tabled until an updated version can be made available to reflect the new GM related expenses and a better definition of the separation of expenses between the ILCA and European Region office.
d.    Future World Championships – 2013 Senior & Masters Worlds likely to be in Oman in either February or December.  2015 Senior & Masters Worlds are scheduled for North America as defined geographically rather than just limited to CAN and USA.  This opens possibilities in MEX, etc.
e.    Technical Items – discussions continued regarding the strategy for the release of the new Laser sail with final details still to be determined.  It was also agreed to continue with further work on the carbon spar project.

Next call: December 13, 2011

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

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