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2011 October ExCom Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 November 2011 20:00

ILCA-NA Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2011

Chairman Tracy Usher called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm EDT.  Also in attendance were Evan Lewis, Lauralee Symes and Sherri Campbell. Clay Johnson, Eric Faust, Jerelyn Biehl were unable to attend.

1.    The minutes from September 13, 2011 were approved as circulated.

2.     Action Items
a.    Laser Performance contract: no change.  Tracy has spoken with Bill Crane but he indicates that no action will be taken until after the rule change is formalized.  Sherri noted that LP has agreed to provide the Grand Prix prizes for 2011.  They will ship all items to the class office for distribution.

3.    Office Report
a.    The Laser Sailor: Fall issue has been printed and is going into the mail this week.
b.    Finances:  FYE 9/30/11 ended slightly over break even, even though only one payment of $3,750 was received of the budgeted expectation of $15,000 from the LP sponsorship. We will either need to be able to confirm LP’s contract for next year soon or seek another sponsor.  The draft budget was tabled until 10/21 as some on the call had not had a chance to review it prior to the meeting. Lauralee asked if a category of membership development could be added.
c.    Membership: 2063 as of 9/30/11.  Due to the transition to the 365 day membership as opposed to the calendar year, it will be some time before comparative figures can be given that will be meaningful so none appear in this month’s report.

4.    Proposal for Youth Standard (U19) North American Championship as part of CORK International Regatta:  with this World Championship added by ILCA a couple of years ago, there has been good participation at the new Youth Standard Europeans and the staff at CORK is requesting an overlay of this to their expanded youth regatta.  It was agreed that this was a good idea.  There were also comments regarding the need for an effort to improve the race management on the water at CORK in general.  Sherri will communicate that to them.

5.    World Council meeting set for November 5-6:  Tracy will attend.  The main focus of the meeting will be the next step for the change in the fundamental rule. The votes are being finalized by ILCA but it is expected to have passed.  Bruce Kirby has had his rights returned to him but it is unknown about the overall impact of that change.  In addition to this topic, the other main focus of the meeting is expected to be the review of the ILCA office staff structure.  The entire agenda has not yet been finalized and there is an avenue to have items brought to the agenda. Contact Tracy if there is anything we want to add.  Tracy will circulate the agenda to this group when he receives it.  Others from North America expected to attend the meeting are Eric Faust taking the official minutes and Ian Lineberger as immediate past president of ILCA.

6.    AOB:
a.    Election of Officers: will not occur as no other nominations were received.  All current officers stand for another year.
b.    Next call will be on November 8 with the main focus to be a summary of the World Council meeting from Tracy and Eric.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm


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