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Wednesday, 06 July 2011 17:50

ILCA-NA Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes
June 14, 2011

Chairman Tracy Usher called the meeting to order at 9:00 pm EDT.  Also in attendance were Clay Johnson, Evan Lewis, Lauralee Symes and Sherri Campbell. Eric Faust and Jerelyn Biehl were unable to attend.

1.    The minutes from April 12, 2011 were approved as circulated.

2.     Action Items
a.    Laser Performance contract: the International Laser Class and LaserPerformance are in negotiation for an overall contract to include support for all regions.  Once those details are finalized, we should have further word about the financial impact to the North American Region.  Tracy will follow up with Bill Crane about the status of this.
b.    Opti News Ad: agreed to continue our ad to encourage Laser 4.7s for the last three issues of 2011.

3.    Office Report
a.    The Laser Sailor: Summer issue deadline is June 15th.  This will be a firm deadline due to Jerelyn’s summer travel schedule.
b.    Finances:  Distributed by email earlier.  Nothing unusual to note.
c.    Membership: Currently ahead of the May 2011 level but still lagging behind 2009 and 2008.  In late April/early May renewal reminders were mailed out to all non-renewed 2010 members.  The Midwest is the region lagging the most in membership renewal.  The district secretaries need to be the point people in the area to get people to renew.

4.    AOB
a.    2012 MWE – there have been more major changes in personnel with the previous regatta chairman not continuing.  Sherri has been in contact with both the 2011 and 2012 CLYC commodores to discuss the situation.  They indicate a strong desire to host in 2012.  It was relayed to them the need for a good PRO with Laser experience.  This will be reiterated to them.
b.    2012 MWW – dates with ABYC to be finalized for the last weekend in March.  Sherri following up with ABYC on that.
c.    Annual Meeting at the upcoming North American Championship.  Clay and Evan will be on hand to run it.  Sherri to check with the organizers and request it to be on Wednesday, July 13th.  

The next call is scheduled one week early due to the North American Championship for July 5th.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm


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