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2010 December ExCom Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 January 2011 18:16

ILCA-NA Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes
December 14, 2010

Chairman Tracy Usher called the meeting to order at 8:05 pm.  Also in attendance were, Eric Faust, Evan Lewis, Jerelyn Biehl, and Sherri Campbell. Clay Johnson and Lauralee Symes were unable to attend.

1. The minutes from October 13, 2010 were approved as circulated.

2.  Action Items
a. Membership database:  discussion of the proposal received from Regatta Network of implementation of monthly from yearly membership.  Eric discussed that conceivably we should recoup the cost of the implementation in people who have not paid dues.  Discussion on amending the expiration date on the membership cards. Eric asked to verify their membership check will be on the date of the regatta against the membership.
b. World Qualification for 2012: changes include using wording from 2010 and there is a potential challenge with the Master Worlds (scheduled for Feb). Tracy will work on some answers and try to post by Jan 1.
c. Grand Prix for 2011: rules haven’t changed; basic format the same.  The 4.7 regattas will be different as NAs will be on the west coast in preparation for the Worlds.  Currently we don’t have a host for the 4.7 NAs or Nationals. Tracy will look around for another venue.
d. Regatta scheduling: PCCs: D25 is supposed to host, but Seattle may host. Open: Gulf Coast, No Coast and Great Lakes

3. Office Report
a. The Laser Sailor: Winter 2010 issue being worked on next week. 
b. Finances:  Distributed by email earlier.  The budget for 2011 still needs to be approved.   The budget will be redistributed and have the Treasurer ask for approval via email.  The tax return has been completed and in the mail. Taxes due are approx. $800.
c. E-mail list request:  Sherri reported that a request was made to purchase the membership email list for an advertiser.  The ExCom declined to allow the sale of members emails.

4. Website: the district & fleet link still shows the old districts. Tracy commented he has a new map to upload.

5. Old Business:
a. LaserPerformance contract: no response from LP.   Tracy suggested renaming the Grand Prix if they will not honor contract.

Next call set for Jan. 12

Meeting adjourned at 9 pm

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