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2010 May ExCom Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 June 2010 22:45

ILCA-NA Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2010

Chairman Tracy Usher called the meeting to order at 8:20 pm.  Also in attendance were Clay Johnson, Lauralee Symes, Brent Richards, Eric Faust, Jerelyn Biehl, and Sherri Campbell. Tommy Wharton was unable to make the call.

1. The minutes from April 13, 2010 were approved.

2.  Action Items

a. Masters bumper sticker: should be in this week, but not in time for US Masters Nationals.
b. Reconfiguration of District 6 and 22: LauraLee commented that both areas are ready to move forward.  D6 championships are scheduled for Bellingham and they would like to keep to that schedule.  It seems best to make the change effective September 1. Possibly move Wyoming to D23 (no members, but will include state in re-draw).  LauraLee to follow up with Fletcher Avery about this.
c. Media site: Tracy discussed the email he distributed from Sailing News. Cost is yet to be fully determined. Still waiting for information from SailGroove. Sherri asked questions on how to upload photos & video. Tracy will follow-up with more information.
d. Promotional poster: Posters are ready to distribute.  115 dealers (need to cut down to 100) with 150 split among the 26 District Secretaries. 
e. 4.7 loaner rig program possibility: Brent has some final pricing and questions before program can go into effect. 2 sets of 12 with the coasts splitting them.
f. Laser Performance contract: still sitting on Devin Kelly’s desk but no confirmation it has been approved.  Brent discussed a grant program LP will launch whereby a fleet can purchase a new Laser for 50% with a social media point to post & track.  At the end of the season the fleet can sell, raffle or keep.  6 fleets will be awarded the grant. Deadline for fleets is May 31.  Financing program was released in Scuttlebutt Sunday evening.  Brent and Sherri were able to meet about 2 weeks ago to discuss various issues to help promote Laser sailing.
g. Summary of calls to district secretaries: Clay’s write-up was a good summary of his calls.  Eric and LauraLee will complete their summaries by the end of this week. 

3. Office Report
a. The Laser Sailor: Hard deadline June 15.
b. Finances:  Finances are routine.
c. Membership: Concern that membership is down by 200 from April the past 4 years.  The 2nd notice has been sent to 2009 members (end of April).  We need to stress this hard on the DS call next week. Districts 18-21 are the bulk of the lapsed memberships.


4. Preliminary Agenda for District Secretaries conference call on May 18th
a. Primary goals:
1) Make direct contact with as many District Secretaries as possible
2) Make them aware of tools available to them
3) Inform of proposals in pipeline
4) Discuss use of illegal equipment – just touch on it.
5) Allow time, encourage feedback on issues from District Secretaries
6) Do as much as possible in 1 hour

1) Roll Call
- Get an idea of who and how many are on the call
2) Discussion of available tools
- Membership database access
-# of posters needed; don’t need to give to dealers
- Regatta Networks tool for District Championships
- Calendar/schedules
- Website possibilities for districts
3) Updating Fleet Listings
- Insure updated list at
- Updated list necessary to implement plan to let members associate
themselves to fleet
4) District Secretary Q&A
5) Adjourn meeting

5. World Council meeting – no official meeting was held because of the ash cloud. 2 phone conferences were held to approve World Championships (now posted on ILCA website).  Finances were discussed on the 2nd call to review the expenditures and approve the budget but a discrepancy was found and the topic was cancelled.  ILCA has been running a deficit with a large reserve fund, but the budget does not balance.  The idea is to address the deficit by increasing all income streams: championship fees, charter fees, sail royalty button, membership fees, hull plaques.  All other items were put off to further meetings.

6. Old Business: Annual General Meeting will be held during the North Americans on June 24.

7. GRP foils from LaserPerformance will begin late June.

Next call set for June 8.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm


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