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Florida Masters Championship 2019

Starting on March 8th to the 10th, master sailors raced out of Palm Beach Sailing Club in
the 2019 championships.

Provisional dates and venues for two major Masters events in 2019

The following are provisional dates and venues for two major Masters events in 2019.

The 2019 Master Worlds are expected to be held in Scheveningen, Netherlands in September (note: contract still to be signed).  
Link to the Harbour’s web site.

The 2019 Master Europeans would be in Rosas, Spain from 14 to 20 June.  This was the site of the 2007 Masers Worlds and is a superb place to sail and visit.

Eight Bells - Jim Christopher

Older Master Laser sailors on the west coast will have no trouble remembering the inimitable Jim Christopher on the race course.

2008 New England Masters PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 September 2008 19:26
Scott Ferguson wins the Seitech Trophy for the 3rd time

New England Masters Championship

Third Beach, Newport, RI

Sep. 13-14, 2008 

Regatta Report

By Peter Seidenberg 

Not deterred by the pouring rain that had started Friday afternoon and continued until Saturday morning, 52 hardy sailors showed up on Third Beach, the site of last year’s US Olympic Trials. Consequently, the turnout was down by 13 sailors over last year’s record of 65. As in the last four years, this regatta was carried by the younger Fleet 413 (Newport) sailors and/or their parents under the leadership of PRO Charley Cook, only recently back from running the Olympic sailing events in China.


Saturday started with a foggy calm over the Sakonnet River, that lifted slowly, giving way to a light northerly breeze of 6 mph at the first start at 12:00. However, the breeze started to die after the first windward-leeward lap, and the 5-legged course was wisely shortened to three legs at the next windward mark. Peter Seidenberg found more wind on the right side shortly after the start and won the race with a comfortable lead ahead of last year’s champion, Scott Ferguson and last year’s runner-up, Marc Jacobi.


After three hours of waiting on the water and on shore, testing the patience of both the sailors and the race committee, the expected southerly sea breeze materialized, but only up to 5 mph, but enough to run the second and final race of the day on a 3-legged windward-leeward-windward course. Nobody knows better how to get the maximum power out of a sail than Americas Cup mast designer, Scott Ferguson who, despite his 195 lbs., won this light-air race just ahead of pesty Marc Jacobi and Scott’s feather-weight wife, Kim Ferguson.


Sunday was a different day altogether. It started out with pouring rain which, mercifully, stopped at rigging-up time. But the day also brought a freshening southerly ocean breeze of 15 mph at the 11 a.m. starting time of the first race, steadily increasing to 18 mph by the third race and then backing off to 15 mph by the end of the last race. The first two races were sailed on three-legged windward-leeward-windward courses, followed by two races on triangle-windward courses. The 0.8 nm long weather legs and 4-foot seas taxed the sailors’ stamina and tested their steering and sheeting skills. Scott Ferguson showed everybody how it’s done with two first and one second finishes, making it unnecessary for him to sail the last race. It was a risky move on his part. Had Seidenberg finished only one place better than third in the last race, he would have won the regatta. The tie in points between the two was broken in Scott’s favor on account of his three firsts versus Peter’s one. Third overall went to the very steady Marc Jacobi who was never worse than third. Without the addition of the 15 North American age handicap points to his straight score, Marc would have finished a comfortable second overall.


In addition to first overall, prizes were awarded to the top three finishers in each of the four age divisions as well as the women’s division. The results are attached.


PlaceSail #NameA.G.Sg123456Pts 
1502Scott FergusonM   21121(53\DNS)171st Master
2375Peter SeidenbergGGM 1-85443171st Great GM
37712Marc JacobiA   -323122251st Apprentice
45888Mike MatanA   -25114331372nd Apprentice
57436Phil KingM   7212-2665512nd Master
6776Gary OrkneyGM  -451665910511st Grand Master
73173Charley WilliamsonM   4714-191012573rd Master
89810Perry GrossmanA   -18691884603rd Apprentice
95520Brian RaneyA   -3719877763 
109983Dave NickersonM   23(53\BFD)1085864 
115643Chris FieldM   -3518211311679 
128778Hank ThornburnM   19-261510161585 
135066Will DonaldsonA   264(53\OCS)17121488 
14375Stewart RoachA   -29101315152189 
158648Henry DeWolfGGM 17-3119162513902nd Great GM
167812Derek StowGM  -312011232117972nd Grand Master
172458Doug BargarM   155-33222622100 
188Drew CarlsonM   13923-252425104 
192032Wayne ColahanM   36-391892211106 
207844Amnon GitelsonGM  -4734221214191063rd Grand Master
21521Halsey BullenGM  -34282562320107 
224547Eric RobbinsM   2024202113(53\DNS)108 
233706Tim MillhiserGM  27-302627209114 
242910Mark MayM   -413512241816115 
257367Jim PorterA   2132(53\OCS)111918116 
26509Kim FergusonM  W533631(53\DNS)53\DNS1381st Woman
272061Chuck RudinskyGM  8(53\BFD)753\OCS1753\OCS143 
289339Nick GreyM   3222-34292924146 
292443Syd SewallGM  111340(53\OCS)2853\DNS150 
307373Douglas MercerGGM -4637273332231523rd Great GM
319249Robert SchmickerGM  4933(53\DNS)142726154 
329805Chris HufstaderM   91224(53\OCS)53\DNS53\OCS161 
335146Stu NickersonGM  40291720(53\DNS)53\DNS164 
341911Edward RickardGGM 4240(53\DNF)283027167 
35755Jack HamiltonGM  614(53\DNS)53\DNS53\DNS53\DNS184 
364540Dino GarberoM   4438373231(53\DNS)192 
376592Tom JamiesonM   162338(53\DNS)53\DNS53\DNS193 
382043Michael DuranM   1217(53\DNF)53\DNS53\DNS53\DNS198 
392030Duane DelfosseM   242535(53\DNS)53\DNS53\DNS200 
408612Sally SharpGM W1027(53\DNS)53\DNS53\DNS53\DNS2012nd Woman
417311John BentleyGM  2215(53\DNF)53\DNS53\DNS53\DNS201 
423999Jeff BeckwithM   144430(53\DNS)53\DNS53\DNS204 
438122Phil PerutA   43413130(53\DNS)53\DNS213 
448Bill BarlowGGM 504216(53\DNS)53\DNS53\DNS214 
453290Hollis CaffeeGGM 393639(53\DNS)53\DNS53\DNS220 
4699Roger HowellGM  30(53\DNS)2853\DNS53\DNS53\DNS222 
4716Robert CuttingM   28(53\BFD)2953\DNS53\DNS53\DNS226 
485244Mark NowakowskiGM  484332(53\DNS)53\DNS53\DNS234 
495088Marvin PosefskyGM  3345(53\DNS)53\DNS53\DNS53\DNS242 
505511Bob SaltmarshGGM 5246(53\DNS)53\DNS53\DNS53\DNS257 
517201Susan MortguA  W38(53\DNS)53\DNF53\DNS53\DNS53\DNS2653rd Women
52550Lynn SextonM  W51(53\DNS)53\DNS53\DNS53\DNS53\DNS273 

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