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2015 Grand Prix PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherri Campbell   
Wednesday, 10 December 2014 17:51

2015 North American Grand Prix Rules

1. Preamble
The intent of the North American Grand Prix is to promote participation in
Laser Class events at the District, Regional and Continental levels.

2. Eligibility
a. Any member, in good standing, of the North American Region of the
International Laser Class Association (ILCA-NA) is eligible to participate in any and    all official Grand Prix events.
b. Competitors who join ILCA-NA before the start of the first race of a
Grand Prix event shall be considered to be members in good standing for the purposes    of receiving a regatta score for that event (deemed eligible competitors).

3. Regatta Categories and 2015 Grand Prix Regattas
a.    Continental (North American) Championship – Total Regatta Points: 40
b.    Major Continental Regattas – Total Regatta Points: 30
i. US Nationals
ii. Canadian Nationals
iii. CORK
iv. Midwinters East
v. Midwinters West
c. Regional Regattas – Total Regatta Points: 25
i. Atlantic Coast Championship
ii. Gulf Coast Championship
iii. Great Lakes Championship
iv. No Coast Championship
v. Pacific Coast Championship
d. District Regattas – Total Regatta Points: 20
i. District Championships for all ILCA-NA Districts

4. Regatta Requirements
a. The 2015 Grand Prix is for regattas which are sailed between January 1, 2015 and
December 31, 2015
b. The regatta location, dates and contact information for the NOR must be available                               from the ILCA-NA website at least four weeks before the event.
c. For the purposes of awarding Grand Prix points:
i. A regatta consists of an event scheduled to be sailed over consecutive days
ii. There must be a minimum of three races completed
iii. A minimum number of eligible competitors must be in attendance:
1. Laser Standard: 10
2. Radial: 7
3. Laser 4.7: 5
iv. Events can only be re-sailed with permission of the ILCA-NA Secretary.
d. Regatta results must be received by the ILCA-NA office within 30 days of completion                                                    of the event.

5. Scoring
a. Regatta Score
i. The score for eligible competitors will be calculated as Total Regatta Points – finish position + 1 (e.g. the regatta winner will receive a score equal to the Total Regatta Points) down to a minimum of one point.
ii. The finish positions of ineligible competitors will not be removed.
b. Grand Prix Rankings Score
i. The Grand Prix ranking will be the sum of the top five Regatta Scores for all eligible competitors.
ii. For the purposes of awarding prizes only, ties will be broken by removing points first from district events, if the tie remains then removing points from regional events, etc. If a tie remains, the competitor who finished ahead in the highest graded, and most recent, mutually attended Grand Prix regatta shall be the winner, unless neither competitor faced each other, in which case the tie shall be broken by the ILCA-NA Executive Secretary by coin flip.
c. The current Grand Prix standings will be published on the ILCA-NA website at


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