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2013 February ExCom Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 20:37

ILCA-NA Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes
February 11, 2013

Chairman Andy Roy called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm EST.  Also in attendance were Lauralee Symes, Eric Reitinger, Meka Taulbee, Jerelyn Biehl and Sherri Campbell.  Christine Neville did not attend.

1.The minutes from January 8, 2013 were approved.

2.Status of action items
a.    2013 regattas:
•    US Nationals – Santa Cruz YC will host.  Sherri has been working with the organizers on the NOR and online registration.
•    No Coast – District 23: Park City, UT to host in late September
•    Great Lakes – District 19: Muskegon YC to host in September
b.    District Secretary Communication plan: Eric posted 8 questions to the Yahoo Groups for DS response. Any additions should be sent to Eric with the intention of finalizing the list during our March concall and distribute afterwards.  Follow-up with non-responders first. Ask DS if they would be interested in serving on committees for Sponsorship, etc.
c.    Sponsorship: Andy gave an update on follow-up with Tracy regarding contacting LP/Maclaren.  Sherri will help draft a message that can be sent to Maclaren.
3.Office Report
a.    The Laser Sailor: Ben Richardson has been sent his questionnaire as well as a follow-up with 2012 Olympians.  Questionnaire prepared for Ken Dool to be sent.  Need additional names for regatta report follow-up.
b.    Finances: Distributed to the ExCom previously. Postage was up due to mailing of the Rulebooks to our members already renewed for 2013 (close to 1000).
c.    Membership: A discovery was made in the conversion from year to year to 365 days.  Sherri is working on reconciling.  Memberships are down 118 members from last year.
4. 2014 World Qualification System – draft circulated for review: update from 2013 that the      ILCA 2014 Men’s Standard and Women’s Radial will be ISAF run events and the     qualification system has changed.  Sherri would like to post in the next week.
5.Discussion on topics in Eric’s email of 1/13/2013.
Archived Results: Sherri is working with Ken Taylor @ Regatta Network to make     the website more user friendly so the office can upload archived results and other     documents as well as assist with other issues.
Regatta Network fee: Eric suggested that we might reconsider our policy to reimburse the fees as we have been doing since 2010.  Sherri commented that the enforcement of the membership requirement is a key part of this and is probably more than worth the expense.
ILCA dues: 5.5£ per person sent to ILCA. Our regional benefits include     management of world events, class rules, technical & equipment monitoring. Salaries & pension expenses are currently being addressed.  Legal fees, sail design and ARG boat charters have had an impact on the financial statement but are being addressed by class management.
Liability insurance: ILCA-NA does have Officer & Director insurance.
6.Other Business
Sherri will distribute list of clubs interested in hosting events to the various District Secretaries.
Next call: March 12, 2013.

Meeting adjourned at 8:08 pm


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