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Why join the Laser Class Association?


What are some of the benefits of a strong class association?

  • A strong class association means lots of boats to race against, near you and around the world!
  • A strong class association with lots of racing attracts the world's best sailors - giving you the best racing possible!
  • A strong class association means major events scheduled at the best sailing locations and moving all over the North American Region - there will always be a big event near you!
  • A strong class association means solid class rules making all boats as identical as possible - you are competing against other sailors, not their pocket books!
  • A strong class association means lots of people looking to buy boats keeping the resale value of your boat high.
  • A strong class association keeps an eye towards the future and works with the builders to make improvements where needed while preserving as well as possible the competitiveness of older boats.

To be strong, a class association needs the support of its sailors!
Join the North American Laser Class Association now!


What are some of the direct benefits of membership?

  • You receive the annual Laser Class Handbook with the current class rules, interpretations of those rules, class constitution, guidelines for events, useful information for keeping your boat in good shape, contact information for your district, etc.
  • You receive the International Class Association's quarterly publication "Laser World" which gives a roundup of international events sailed around the world, as well as information from the international office.
  • You receive the North American Association's quarterly publication "The Laser Sailor" which is loaded with regatta reports, technique articles, fitness and nutrition tips, sailor profiles, reports from each of the North American Region's 26 Districts and much, much more. In addition, the magazine also contains advertising from Laser dealers selling Laser specific gear and aimed entirely at Laser sailors - if you are looking for something for your boat you will see it advertised here!
  • You will have access to the class website at containing all the latest news as well as the up to date calendar of events, complete with maps to show you how to find the events. And you can also find archived copies of The Laser Sailor as well as useful articles on how to sail your boat faster.
  • Your membership makes you eligible to sail in any of the 50+ major Laser Class regattas scheduled every year throughout the North American Region, including open, masters', youth and women's events.
  • Your membership makes you eligible for the LaserPeformance/ILCA-NA Grand Prix where you earn points when sailing in major events, ranking you against your fellow competitors and making you eligible for end of the season prizes, like new sails, carbon tillers, etc.

You get direct benefit by joining the Laser Class!
Join the North American Laser Class Association now!


What does the class association do with your membership dues?

  • The first $14.00 of your membership dues go to pay the North American staff who work incredibly hard to: make sure our North American events get scheduled every year and that these events follow the high standards of the Laser Class, to publish our quarterly newsletter, etc. Importantly, that money also makes sure that if you ever have a question you can simply pick up the phone, or send an email, and a knowledgeable person will answer you right away.
  • Depending on exchange rates, the next $9.00 of your dues goes to the International Class where they use the money to pay their staff to make sure world level events get scheduled, ensuring all the boats are the same by inspecting the builders to make sure they are complying with the Laser Construction Manual, keep track of rules changes proposed by members, interfacing with ISAF on various levels, including keeping both the Laser Standard and Laser Radial as Olympic equipment, etc.
  • A little over $7.00 goes to the quarterly assembling, printing and mailing of The Laser Sailor to you for the year.
  • Around $5.00 goes to support and promotion, ranging from direct support of the districts and regattas to the website.
  • Most of the remaining $5.00 goes to all the things it takes to running an organization of 2400 members, from Executive Secretary travel costs, to federal income taxes all the way to mundane office expenses.

Your membership dues are used to keep the Laser Standard, Laser Radial and Laser 4.7 as THE singlehanded dinghy to sail and race in North America and throughout the world!

Why should you join the Laser Class?

  • To enable the Laser Class to remain a strong class association and continue to make the Laser the pre-eminent singlehanded dinghy of our time.
  • To gain the benefits of membership outlined above.
  • To protect your investment in your boat, making sure that if the time comes to sell then you can be certain that the high demand driven by a strong class will enable you to get the best price for your boat.

The International Laser Class Association, North American Region is what it is today because of the support of its members. Keep that tradition alive, join or renew your membership TODAY!


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