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Written by Isabella Bertold   
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 00:38

ILCA-NA Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2012

Chairman Laura Lee Symes called the meeting to order at 8:05 pm EDT.  Also in attendance were Jon Deutsch, Clay Johnson, Evan Lewis, Christine Neville, Jerelyn Biehl and Sherri Campbell.  

1.The minutes from September 11, 2012 were approved.

2.Status of action items
a.    Media/website:
i.    Joomla update – no new updates as this time.
ii.    District map update – the map is updated and posted on the website.
iii.    FloCast subscription - After research, Sherri reported that we can cancel the $100/month subscription at any time.  Jon Deutsch made a motion, seconded by Christine Neville to discontinue the FloCast contract. Motion passed.
b.    Sponsorship:  Sherri distributed a document that she and Evan had collaborated on.  The numbers have been lowered a bit from previous drafts to be more sponsor friendly.  Target to distribute in the next month to potential sponsors.
c.    Regatta Guidelines Update: New version circulated by Sherri at the end of September.  Tabled until next month.
d.    2013 Grand Prix document: Updated and distributed to ExCom; no feedback. Christine discussed with Tracy Usher and other possibilities for the GP. After discussion, it was agreed to keep with the current GP for 2013 and possibly request input from sailors for 2014.  Christine will work with a SF mom to write an article on the GP system for all.
e.    District websites:  Jon and Bradley Green discussed this issue and more information to DS would help.  Discussion of holding DS conference calls again.
3. Office Report
a.    The Laser Sailor: Fall issue in the mail and the google docs now has a sheet for each quarterly issue.  
i.2013 advertising update: all current advertisers have been sent information for the 2013 year.  Many are signing up for the 4 issues to gain the benefit of having their logo on the website.
b.    Finances: Dues were sent to ILCA. Memberships paid in advance have been adjusted and the finances reflect correctly on the budget comparison. TLS continues to be a good revenue source.  
c.    Membership: We now have past data (365 day year) 494 members are on roster for Sept 30th which is slightly ahead of prior years.
d.    Election update: Nominations closed on Sunday night and the nominees are posted on the website.  1 contested race for the Vice Chairman’s position. All other positions are filled.

4. New Business
a. 2014 Gulf Coast Championship: Offer from Ft Walton Beach YC in June/July time frame. Approved.
b. Quarterly finances publishing inquiry from David Hartman.  Sherri noted that these are always presented at the NA AGM.  It was also agreed to annually publish the ILCA membership yearend report and fiscal year end finances in the winter issue of TLS.

5. Other Business
a.    Women’s NA event in Ft Lauderdale: 2012 was made an open event at the last minute.  Tom Lihan changed to Lauderdale Olympic Classes regatta, Finn, Lasers, Radials, 29ers.  Event will be open with women’s NA trophy awarded to the top female.  Question if event can continue to be an ISAF graded event now that it is open.  It was agreed that this will no longer be titled the “Radial Women’s North American Championship.” Sherri will follow up with LYC and ISAF to let them know.  We will continue to help LYC promote the regatta.  In addition for future, it would be good to find an event that can be held for women only.
b.    Lauralee proposed allowing non-profit clubs to advertise in TLS to promote their regattas.  The group agreed to further investigate a plan to allow for small (perhaps business card size) ads near the back of TLS for this purpose.  Further thought was to have submissions of only camera ready ads and that they would need to be for events at least three months ahead and only for regattas, not for clinics.
c.    Sherri thanked Clay Johnson for his service over the last few years as the class treasurer and Jon Deutsch for his time as an interim member of the Executive Committee.

Next call: November 13, 2012.

Meeting adjourned at 8:57 pm

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